When Brushing And Flossing Aren’t Enough

Are you concerned that brushing and flossing aren’t doing enough to prevent tooth decay? It’s easy for adults and children to sometimes lapse in their daily dental routine. At your or your family’s regular checkup, we may recommend a fast, effective treatment that can provide an added layer of protection that works alongside your regular dental hygiene routines. Read more to find out about this treatment.

The Best Way To Prevent Cavities

With all that is going on in the world, you may be thinking, “What are the best ways to maintain my health, including my dental health?” While it’s well known that keeping a consistent dental hygiene regimen of daily flossing and brushing, cutting back on sugary foods is also a great way to help prevent cavities. Read on to find out more ways to keep your teeth healthy.

New Equipment Requires No Anesthesia

Thanks to modern dental technology, we can deliver even better dental care along with a more comfortable experience for patients. Whether it is a new technique that improves the results of a treatment, or cutting-edge equipment that shortens the amount of time a patient sits in the chair, we are always looking for ways to use dental advancements to benefit our patients. So, we are excited to announce that we recently added a new tool to our office that allows us to perform certain procedures pain-free and without anesthesia. Read more to find out about this special tool.

Dental Care For Your Young Child

Establishing good dental hygiene habits should begin at a young age. As soon as your child is able to understand, you can start talking to them about the importance of their teeth and how they need to be cared for every day. Giving them the knowledge and tools to care for their teeth early on will set them up for a lifetime of good health and decrease their chances of dental problems in the future.