Sugar Can Be SCARY For Your teeth!

October is here, which means that many of us are enjoying fall fun such as football games, pumpkin picking, and preparing for Halloween. Halloween is a favorite for many because of all the spooky decorations, costumes, and movies. While we aren’t all easily scared by movies or costumes, we are frightened of the effect extra candy and added sugar consumed during this time of year can have on your oral health. The results of added sugar on teeth can be dangerous to adults and children, so everyone in your family is at risk. We have created some simple tips to help ensure you don’t have any oral frights this Halloween season. Read on to learn more.

Meet a Valued Team Member – Amy

At Friendly Family Dentistry, we provide caring and comfortable dental care to your entire family. We believe that our patients come first, and our entire team works hard to offer unique and quality care no matter your age or state of your oral health. Every member of our team works together to help our office run smoothly and to ensure that we provide the care that you need. We want to take some time this month to help you learn a little more about one of our dedicated team members — Amy.

A Friendly Reminder…

We hope that you had an amazing summer! Now that we are all getting back into our fall routines, we wanted to offer a gentle reminder to schedule any needed treatments that we recommended during your last appointment. The days go by fast, and we know that between school, work, extra curricular activities, and events with family and friends, it is easy for time to get away from you. Now is a great time to call our office and schedule any appointments that you or your loved ones need. Delaying treatments can lead to additional treatments and costly repairs. Continue reading to learn more about why dental treatment should never be delayed.

Everyday Habits That Lead to Jaw Discomfort

If you suffer from temporomandibular disorder, also known as TMD, or if you have ever experienced jaw discomfort, you know how uncomfortable it can be. During an episode, it can be difficult to chew, open your mouth, and even talk. If you don’t have an official diagnosis, but experience discomfort in the jaw muscles, unexplained headaches, or have a difficult time opening and closing your jaw, you may have TMD. There are daily habits that might be contributing to your discomfort or causing TMD flare-ups and can greatly affect your quality of life.

The Best Way To Revitalize Your Smile

Are you looking to reinvent or improve your smile? If so, you are in luck, as we offer a number of cosmetic dental treatments that can greatly change the appearance of your teeth. One specific treatment is a wonderful choice if you are unhappy with the appearance of your front teeth. It can improve a number of imperfections and is a popular choice among many of our patients. Continue reading to learn more about this cosmetic treatment.

Giving Back to Our Community – Trivia Night with The League of Terre Haute

At Family Friendly Dentistry, we are committed to our patients and are proud of our roots in the Terre Haute community. We love opportunities that allow us to give back to our community and help those in need. Our office recently participated in such an event. We had the honor of sponsoring a recent trivia night that was put on by and benefited The League of Terre Haute.

How to Keep Kids Smiling Bright All Summer Long

Are you enjoying summer? We hope so, because we are! After a very long winter, there is nothing like enjoying a beautiful summer day. Whether you like to go to the pool, cook out with friends and family, or plan a special getaway, summer is a magical time for all. With all the summer fun, we know that it can be difficult at times to maintain your regular oral hygiene routine. We want to encourage our patients to be sure they are still giving priority to cleaning their teeth this summer. We wanted to take a moment and focus on our youngest patients and give some tips on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy all summer long. Continue reading to learn these helpful tips.

Tooth Extraction Care

At Friendly Family Dentistry, we care about your oral health and will do everything we can to save your natural teeth. There are times when this is not possible and a tooth extraction is required. A tooth extraction is when the entire tooth structure, including the tooth root, is fully removed from the mouth. Learning that you need to have a tooth extracted can bring forth many emotions. Some patients experience uncertainty and fear, especially if they have never had a tooth extracted before. Many patients become concerned about the length of the recovery.

A Useful Tool In The Fight Against Tooth Decay

Children love to be independent. If you are a parent, we are sure that you are nodding your head in agreement. Even if you are not a parent, you have most likely experienced a headstrong child who has been determined to try something on their own. Children seem to express a desire to be independent when dealing with their oral care such as brushing their own teeth. While this sounds like a great idea in theory, it is important that children brush their teeth properly. Many young children have a tendency to brush the front of their teeth or suck on the toothbrush, totally ignoring the rear teeth. Over time, this can lead to decay and cavities in the rear molars. You might be wondering what can be done to help prevent this. Continue reading to learn about a common treatment that can help eliminate pesky decay from developing in the back molars.

Does My Breath Stink?

Do you like to keep a comfortable distance when speaking to others out of fear that your breath isn’t fresh? It isn’t uncommon to experience bad breath once and a while. A cup of coffee or meal full of garlic often has patients reaching for the gum, toothbrush, or mouthwash. If you are often experiencing people taking a few steps back when you speak with them, you might be suffering from chronic bad breath. Frequent bad breath is a warning sign that you might be dealing with a serious issue that cannot be treated with a toothbrush and toothpaste.